Where can I buy the guides?

Our Non-Obvious Guides are available for sale online at most retailers as well as at selected bookstores worldwide. If you would like to pick up our guides AND support local bookstores, we recommend you purchase from our store on where a portion of every sale goes to supporting independent bookstores.

What makes these guides different?

Our tagline is "like having coffee with an expert" and the tone of every one of our guidebooks aims to live up to this promise. As a result, you'll find the approach, advice and language in our guides to be quite different from the typical unapproachably academic or hopelessly dumbed down styles of other guides in the market. They are also a lot shorter, because we ONLY focus on what you really need to know and practical advice instead of filler content, cut and pasted definitions from Wikipedia and long-winded glossaries of terms no one ever looks at.

Why are the guides only on business topics?

For now, we are laser focused on the world of business-related topics. While we believe our guidebook style could be a great fit to do guides on wide ranging topics like the weather or coaching soccer, for now we are sticking to the business and careers category. There are no shortage of topics to keep us busy just in this one space!

How do you decide which authors & topics to publish?

This is a constant editorial process - but we aim for popular mainstream business topics where there is a lot of interest and need for advice, and then engage credible authors who are truly experts in their field and who are able to translate that expertise into down-to-earth practical advice that any smart person can follow.

Who is behind these guides and how did you start?

We're glad you asked! Check out our story for how we started and why the guides exist in this article from our founder, Rohit Bhargava.

I have an idea for a guide. Do you accept submissions?

At the moment, our catalog of future guides and authors is invitation-only. We have an ambitious roadmap of titles in progress already and are working hard to expand the list of titles and topics that we have. That said, we are always open to having a conversation with amazing potential authors about new ideas and directions. Just use our contact form to get in touch!