The Non-Obvious Guide To Event Planning

By Andrea Driessen

An all new updated 2021 edition of the popular original guide to working from home and adjusting to virtual work featuring the best tips and advice from more than 50 top experts.

Let’s face it. Most events are boring. But they don’t have to be. This highly actionable, fast-reading guide is chock-full of unconventional, un-borifying tools, ideas and strategies to help you design more captivating and unmissable events for less money and in less time.

Whether a veteran, newbie or “accidental” event planner, you’ll learn fresh strategies to smartly select speakers, manage logistics, set a content road map, as well as plan and execute rave-worthy events of all types. Inspired by decades of delivering everything from large-scale corporate events to multiple TEDx gatherings, this fun, practical book will transform how you plan your next event—no matter how large or small.

A sampling of what you’ll learn in this guide…

  • Why are some events memorable while others are forgotten immediately?
  • How can you conquer distraction and truly engage participants?
  • What does it really take to uncover the most inspiring speakers, negotiate their participation and create a memorable event?
  • What do TED Talks teach us about events?
  • How can your events be more innovative?
  • How can you handle logistics like a pro—and manage unrealistic timelines, implausible goals and results-hungry stakeholders?
  • What if attendees remember nothing? It’s highly probable unless you do something different.
  • How can you “think outside the slide”?

BONUS: This guide also gives readers quick and easy access to robust online resources, including a reusable Content Map, videos and planning templates that streamline and simplify event planning.

NOTE - The links below are to purchase the First Edition of this book. The Second Edition is coming later this year.


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Meet the Author

Andrea Driessen, Chief Boredom Buster at Seattle, WA-based No More Boring Meetings, is an internationally award-winning business owner who stages engaging, unconventional events with compelling thought leaders, fresh meeting formats and purposeful play.

Her clients’ gatherings have participants returning to work ready to perform at their very best. A Professional Convention Management Association “Best-in-Class” speaker and 30-year event-industry veteran, Andrea has helped organize TEDxSeattle for seven years, and is a TEDSummit and TEDActive attendee.

Look Inside This Guide:

Every one of our guides uses visual layouts and an open highly readable style to ensure that the smart advice is also as easy to digest and use as possible. Here are a few sample spreads from the interior of the print version of this Guide.

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About the 1st Edition

The first edition of this book was originally published in January 2019 and was the third book in the new Non-Obvious Guides Series.

This original edition was an instant Amazon #1 bestseller and was selected as a Gold Medal Winner or Finalist in Next Generation Indies Book Awards, the Independent Press Award and the National Independent Excellence Award.