The Non-Obvious Guide To Better Presentations

By Jaqueline Farrington

An immediately useful guide to presenting with more confidence and compelling attention like a trained performer.

The idea of “presentation as a performance” might seem intimidating. But when you need to engage, persuade, educate or inspire, how do you ensure your message rises to meet the moment? This comprehensive and readable guide from Fortune 50 speaker coach Jacqueline Farrington combines acting methods with neuroscience and communications principles to help you be a clear and confident presenter ... no matter how challenging the situation, audience or speech.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Remain on message by speaking with brevity and clarity.
  • Elevate your content and meaning with your voice and
    body language.
  • Rehearse effectively so you can handle curveballs

Meet the Author

JACQUELINE FARRINGTON is an executive presentation
skills coach and former Yale Drama School lecturer who has coached and taught professionals how to be better from any stage. She has worked with CEOs, TEDx speakers, and award-winning actors to help them craft their story, hone their delivery and adjust to any venue or situation.

Look Inside This Guide:

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